2024 Chevrolet Corvette Will Cost You a Lot More olet Corvette E-Ray | PH Review

Corvette Stingray The base coupe prices have risen significantly:

1LT: $90,825 2LT: $100,630 3LT: $107,710 Convertible: $99,825 to $118,5101.

Corvette Z06 The high-performance Z06 now starts at:  

1LZ: $159,310 2LZ: $173,110 3LZ: $180,310

The eye-catching carbon fiber wheels with red stripes add over $15,500 to the cost.

Corvette E-Ray The electrified E-Ray coupe begins at:

1LZ: $150,310 2LZ: $159,310 3LZ: $168,310