2024 Chevy Corvette: Is it the world's best sports car? olet Corvette E-Ray | PH Review

All-Wheel Drive and Hybrid Power The E-Ray combines a classic 6.2-liter V8 engine driving the rear wheels with a 120kW/165Nm electric motor powering the front axle.

This setup provides instant torque, precise control, and improved traction.

Engineering Marvel Unlike the mid-engine transition in the 2020 model, creating an electrified Corvette with all-wheel drive was a significant leap.  

The E-Ray’s lithium-ion battery fits neatly in the center tunnel, and the front electric motor doesn’t compromise front trunk space.

Distinctive Design The E-Ray shares bodywork with the Corvette Z06 but adds unique badges and a logo resembling “eyes” or “gills” on the stylized stingray’s dorsal surface.

Pricing: The E-Ray coupe starts at $102,900, while the convertible variant begins at $109,900.

In the world of sports cars, where debates rage over Ferrari, Audi, Porsche, McLaren, and more, the E-Ray shines as a thrilling contender.