Kia U.S. All-Electric Car Sales Increased 57% In January 2024  

In January 2024, Kia reported strong sales for its all-electric vehicles (EVs) in the United States.  

Despite a slight decrease in overall vehicle sales compared to the previous year, Kia’s EV sales surged.  

The Kia EV9, the brand’s new all-electric SUV, played a significant role in this growth. Here are the key points:  

Total Vehicle Sales: Kia delivered 51,090 vehicles in January 2024, slightly lower than the same month in 2023.  

EV Sales Surge: Kia’s EV sales increased by an impressive 57% year-over-year.

Top-Selling EV: The Kia EV9 emerged as the top-selling EV in January 2024.  

Other Notable Models: Alongside the EV9, other popular models included the Kia EV6, Carnival, Sportage, and Forte.