Tupac Shakur Faked Drive-By Shooting, Escaped by Helicopter, Says New Movie  

A new movie claims that the renowned rapper, Tupac Shakur, faked his infamous 1996 drive-by shooting and made a successful escape via a helicopter.  

The theory, as told by the yet-to-be-named film, postulates that Tupac orchestrated his own 'death' to flee his fame and threats against his life.

It portrays an intricate plot where the legendary hip hop artist planned and executed his staged assassination,  

subsequently evading the authorities by taking off in a helicopter.  

This interpretation, if accepted, rewrites one of the most mysterious deaths in the history of music.  

The film's creators have not yet released further details, such as cast and release date, adding more intrigue to this riveting claim.  

Whether this claim gains traction or fades into the multitude of Tupac death theories, remains to be seen.