Tupac’s BMW 7 Series Is Still for Sale, If You Have $1.75 Million to Spare

The infamous black BMW 7 Series in which Tupac Shakur was fatally shot in Las Vegas in 1996 is still on sale.

The hip-hop legend's ride has a hefty price tag of $1.75 million.  

The car, bearing bullet hole impressions and remembrance of the iconic star, was restored and put up for auction in 2017.

Despite several offers, no deal was struck, and the luxury vehicle is now available through celebrity car dealer, Moments in Time.

Shakur’s car not only comes with a piece of significant music history, but also the mystery surrounding his unsolved murder.

Potential buyers will require a serious investment to acquire this piece of the hip-hop legacy.

Anyone interested can reach out to the Moments in Time dealership.