Tupac's Custom '61 Impala Lowrider from To Live and Die in LA

Step into the history of Tupac Shakur's automotive passion with his custom 1961 Chevrolet Impala lowrider, featured in his music video To Live and Die in LA.

Known for his profound lyrics and powerful persona, Tupac had an equal penchant for eye-catching automobiles.

This Impala, customized specifically for Tupac, features a deep-black gloss finish, exquisite wire wheels, and classic lowrider hydraulics, enabling it to drop inches from the ground in seconds.

Inside, plush velvet seats, an enhanced sound system and a hidden compartment hark back to the '90s era.  

Shakur’s '61 Impala perfectly captures his persona, marrying aesthetics, power, and mystery.

A closer look into this car allows fans to explore an understated facet of the artist's unique lifestyle.

To this day, the lowrider serves as a tangible relic of Tupac’s legacy and his lifelong relationship with Los Angeles.