Tupac's Hummer Acquired For $337,144, Thrice Than Originally Estimated  

A 1996 Hummer previously owned by the late rap icon Tupac Shakur has been sold for a whopping $337,144 at an auction, thrice the original estimated value.  

The rugged, military-style vehicle is well-known for being the last car purchased by Shakur a month before his untimely demise in 1996.

The automobile boasts an assortment of customized features, including off-road lights, a 360-degree spotlight,  

a diamond-plated bumper, and an external PA system with three sirens.  

Its tan leather interior also mirrors the rapper's flamboyant style. Shakur’s ownership, combined with the car's distinctive attributes,  

has driven the Hummer's value far beyond its initial estimation.  

This demonstrates the enduring legacy of Shakur's influence, not only in music, but also in the world of high-value collector items.